Natale Murray - Disney Controversy

The entertainment giant Disney has recently taken steps toward promoting diversity within its productions. In an effort to increase representation, the company has hired black actors and actresses for various roles. However, this move has faced harsh criticism from certain sectors, raising concerns about the company's approach towards inclusivity. Despite Disney's efforts to foster an inclusive and diverse environment, many fans have expressed disappointment with the company's hiring decisions. Some have gone so far as to accuse Disney of pandering to political correctness by casting black actors in traditionally white roles. While this may seem like a reactionary stance, some critics have argued that the company should focus on creating original stories that feature black characters, rather than simply recasting existing roles. One particular point of contention has been the casting of black actresses in two iconic Disney roles: The Little Mermaid and Tinkerbell. While many have applauded these moves as a step towards greater representation, others have argued that these characters were originally conceived as white and that Disney is simply trying to appease its critics by making changes to established properties. Despite these criticisms, it is clear that Disney is committed to promoting diversity and inclusivity within its productions. However, the company's approach to achieving these goals will undoubtedly continue to be a subject of debate and discussion among fans and industry observers alike. In addition to the ongoing debate, we have the viewpoint of Timna Rauch, a freelance journalist, researcher, and lecturer at the Hogeschool Utrecht who specializes in moral philosophy and has a keen interest in the intersection of ethics and the arts. With her extensive knowledge and experience, teacher Rauch will provide an insightful cinematic perspective on this issue. Her analysis promises to shed light on the complexities of the debate and help us better understand the ethical implications of Disney's approach towards diversity and inclusivity in their productions.